Leeds Wood and Paper GWR coaches

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Leeds Wood and Paper GWR coaches

Postby Norfolkman » 04 Oct 2016, 10:46

I was surprised to see at John Neale's auction "LOT 21332: Rake of 3 Leeds Gauge 0 Wood and Paper Litho GWR Corridor Coaches all Boxed" sell quickly for £420 i.e. £140 per coach.
However I am not a collector of this type of thing so perhaps it is normal. The condition was described as excellent (but not excellent to mint) although some might interpret this as "very good". Is this a sign of a recent growth in interest in anything Leeds?
I quite enjoy adding new paper overlays to re-painted older Hornby vans but have never bought old or new items that come with paper overlays (apart from Hornby containers).
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Re: Leeds Wood and Paper GWR coaches

Postby Bruce Palmer » 04 Oct 2016, 11:48

.....interest in Leeds , whatever next ? That price is pretty incredible but I wonder if they were the panelled type of GWR litho rather than the common plain version .

The panelled version was one of those rare lithos that didn't seem to have survived the factory fire so it was good to be kindly lent a couple of sheets a year or so back for copying . They came up well and are available from us ...price list on request , as always . Bruce
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Re: Leeds Wood and Paper GWR coaches

Postby hansvandissel » 04 Oct 2016, 14:08

The 3 Leeds GWR coaches ended up in Holland (no, not in my collection) - the deciding factor for the buyer being that all 3 coaches were boxed.
I agree that prices for Leeds are on the up, no doubt helped by the fact that in recent years an excellent book on the make appeared and that there is a dedicated website (two, actually). It has also led some sellers on eBay to designate any wood-built wagon as Leeds, even when only a cursory glance suffices to decide it is anything but. On the other hand, just a couple of months ago I acquired some hand-built (type B) wagons that were being offered as unknown/scratch-built for a modest sum - it is still possible to strike lucky without breaking the bank!

B.t.w. During the Dutch 0 gauge weekend in Zutphen on 15/16 October Peter Zwakhals and I will be exhibiting (and hopefully running on a 3-track layout) a selection of Leeds stuff. We are probably the only 'serious' collectors of Leeds in Holland and we thought it a nice idea to show modern 0-gaugers that there was more in the past than 'just' tinplate toy trains.
Hans van Dissel
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Re: Leeds Wood and Paper GWR coaches

Postby DutchHRCA » 04 Oct 2016, 18:41

After Hans his clue, it will not be a surprise that I bought the LMC GWR Coaches. And yes, I was also a bit surprised with over 20 bids against my first bid, which was just enough to secure them for me. But the strong drop in prices I have to pay these days for Hornby O-gauge items to add to my collection, gives me some extra to spend on LMC items. Sadly there seems to be more collectors these days with the same thought.

Bruce: the coaches are with the later ‘button’ type litho’s. If an original rake of ‘panelled’ type coaches would have been on offer in that condition, my guess is that I had to double my bid.

Regards, Peter, Dutch HRCA
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Re: Leeds Wood and Paper GWR coaches

Postby Bruce Palmer » 16 Jun 2017, 19:49

...just browsing through previous posts and a reminder that we have paper litho sides available for most Leeds coaches except the Southern ones . Also a stock of bodyshells complete with roofs . Bruce
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