Merkur Prices

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Re: Merkur Prices

Post by Bulleidman » 22 Apr 2017, 00:07

Hope to see you at Harringworth, along with my very timid cheque book.

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Re: Merkur Prices

Post by sparesman » 22 Apr 2017, 00:36

Bruce Palmer wrote:To come back to Sparesmans comments , one of the surprising things that's come out of trying to sell ..or at least make people aware of ...the Merkur track system is that the biggest customers have been people unknown to us ......
Bruce, it would be interesting to learn then from where they obtained your details as it is a fairly limited market. Is there a resurgence of interest in new tinplate 0 Gauge outside our little circle?

Bruce Palmer
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Re: Merkur Prices

Post by Bruce Palmer » 22 Apr 2017, 09:32

Terry would I ! in some cases they are part of the *silent majority *of the HRCA , others they saw us with a stall ..but we don't do that very often . Could be via the Bassett Lowke Society where I try and get a mention from time to time . I really don't know .......Even word of mouth
Yes , I do think there is a resurgence of interest that *the usual suspects * are not aware of . It tends to be people slightly older than us , where the kids finally left the nest a few years ago and perhaps they want to see their trains actually running ...whether they have had them for years as a minor interest or buying *new compatibles * and keeping them in the box . Often have lots of space ..two with barns come to mind ....and the grandchildren are the excuse for planning permission to be granted by the domestic authorities .

There are some seriously big layouts being built out there ! Bruce

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