Sir Thos Thumb. A modern stork-legs steam loco.

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Sir Thos Thumb. A modern stork-legs steam loco.

Post by Martin » 21 Apr 2017, 10:02

I had almost forgotten that around 1989, I had some correspondence with a modeller called Roger Anscombe. He sent me a photograph of "Sir Thos Thumb", an O-gauge stork-legs loco he had built, together with some brief details about its construction. I never saw his loco in the flesh but, with Roger's permission, I wrote a short article about it for the Gauge O Guild Gazette. ( I was a member of the GOG at that time.)

Here is the information about the loco presented in my article.
  • * Boiler: Silver-soldered throughout with a small rectangular firebox, a single 7/16" (~11mm) flue, with four crossing water tubes.
    * Chassis: steel with 3/16" (~4.7mm) inside diameter ball races and coil springs for suspension.
    * Superstructure of loco and tender: sheet brass.
    * Pistons: Stainless steel with grooves for packing.
    * Cylinders: from brass tube.
The boiler could be refilled by use of a hand pump coupled via a cycle pump connector to a union beneath the cab.
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